Jefferey Archer – Lord of Story Telling

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Mar 12, 2013 Sir Jefferey Archer had come to Bangalore and we had a fun evening listening to him. Man can he talk !! It was interesting, fun and his talk is as captivating as his stories.

This is J for ABC Wednesday (J). For more memes click here

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  1. Roger Green says:

    A good storyteller is a gem!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      and an extremely rare percentage of the population

  2. Joy says:

    He has a marvellous imagination. The judge and jury did not believe one of his stories though when he was sent to prison. As they say, all good copy.

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      but he did get lovely stories within the prison 🙂

  3. Hildred says:

    I am waiting impatiently for his next book on the Clifton family…

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Oh me too me too

  4. Hazel says:

    His Honour Among Thieves is on my TBR. I’m glancing at it while typing this 🙂

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Its a lovely book. Must read

  5. Indrani says:

    You got a good one for ‘J’ .

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Jefferey fit the bill to a T 🙂

  6. What next? After I am done with the Clifton Chronicles, I will begin writing my biggest story ever, and I’ll close with that.

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