Kathakali Makeup

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getting ready
covering the face
to bare the soul

The make-up before a Kathakali (click to get information on Wikipedia) performance is very crucial and time consuming sometimes taking upto 4-5 hours. The first layer is usually by the performer himself and after that starts the true grueling process of applying layers and layers of makeup.  Click on the word above to see the final appearance of the artist. Taken at  Fort Kochi, Kerala.

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25 thoughts on “Kathakali Makeup

  1. I have seen kathakali dancers years ago but at the time never gave a thought to how long it would take to get ready for a performance. Fascinating photograph.

  2. I remember watching a Kathakali artist make up his face and put on his costume; i never knew until then how that flare was brought about in that skirt like thing. 🙂
    Fascinating, is it not?!

    Nice pic.

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