King arriveth in Bengaluru – Burger King Opens today 27 Jun,2015


YES!!! The king of burgers finally makes an appearance in namma Bengaluru…Finally. Launched today 27 Jun in Phoenix Marketcity, the burgers that made the west go AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA has come here. I was a regular customer in the UK and Dilli bahut door thi (Delhi was still far away) in India. So you can imagine my excitement when I received an invite for tasting their offerings in their new outlet in Bangalore. It was a dream come true.

Naturally my first choice was what the BG was famous for anyways… The Whopper !!  Though I am a big fan of their beef whopper (which is not served in India), the mutton whopper more than makes up for the experience. It’s humongous and you will need both hands to hold that and a very elastic mouth for the bite. I almost felt like a python.



chocolate shake

and of course that cannot be complete without the chocolate shake……….The  combination was as good as I tried to make it sound. There is also the mango shake which I do not have a snap of as I pounced  and drained it the moment it came and then realized I didn’t really take  a snap :D.  The next two drinks called Bolt from the Blue (by Mirinda) and the pink lemonade. The pink lemonade was a complete surprise. It looked all strawberry-ish and tasted something like sweet jaljeera so yes enjoyed that one.

The next that came was a grilled chicken burger with corn  bread instead of the traditional bun. Yeah it  was good and chicken lovers will enjoy it. However I am not a big fan of chicken burgers and prefer red meat anytime.

chicken grill

The next that I tried was the various curry type thingies called Hi-Fries… I tried the cheesy chicken fries and the cheesy Italian fries (veg) and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It had this deep and rich taste of the mince curry and the cheese (love cheese, the more the merrier) and french fries was a good combination with this.

kheema fry
Chicken Kheema cheesy fries

The Italian fries too had a good hit of the usual Italian flavor you would expect and the best part; it’s VEG!! 😉

Italian fry
Italian Cheesy Fries

Alright now coming to the light stuffs, there is this category called cravers which is aptly named. It can leave you craving for more and especially the Veg Chilli Cheezos.  Look at the cheese oozing out when you take it apart.

veggie chilly Cheezos

The overall taste was awesome and I found it much better than the chicken chilli cheezos which was not bad but was like the usual fare available everywhere else.  The chicken nuggets again wasn’t special but is good with the sauces available there. The veg cheezos stands head and shoulder above any of its counterpart.  It made a good combination with the sweet chilli sauce which gave off hints of smoked paprika and considering I am more of a spicy kind of guy than sweet, I found it refreshing though it had the sweetness. What I loved was something called the angry sauce which was made with habanero (one of the spiciest pepper in the world with a scoville rating of 350000-580000. In scale jalapeno is only 1000-4000!!). It had this slow intensity which hits you only after a few seconds.

Angry Sauce
Angry Sauce

You should also try out their sundaes with different toppings like gems and oreos. The sundaes are so thick you can turn the glass upside down over your head and it will not fall!! Yeah just don’t hold it too long eh

The quality of the food is also taken very seriously with lighting systems to show freshness of  a food. A mutton whopper is kept for about 30-45 mins and if not consumed is discarded.  The expiry time (which can be in mins for veg burgers)  once crossed no second thought. It is to be discarded. This happens with all of their food to make sure the food you get is fresh.

Okayyyyy, from the food lets go to the source…The Kitchen…. Though I was not allowed to take snaps of their machinery I got a snap of the most important thing. The sanitization.. Boy do they take it seriously !!  I was told to wear one of their blue chef cap before being allowed into their kitchen. Once I enter, I was taken to a wash basin with a wall mounted hand sanitizer and then after the clean up made to wear gloves !!  This is the procedure followed by the staff everyday and after every change of food that is handled from veg to non veg.


We were then taken to their freezers where they kept their stuffs. The meat was in a freezer maintained at -8 to -23 Centigrade and boy was it a pleasure to be in there in the Bengaluru heat 🙂  Before Bangalore Heat was considered an oxymoron. But now sigh. but I digress. Coming back to the kitchen tour I was struck (and they ensured it too) by one word Sanitization and it was taken very seriously.

There is a saying never visit the kitchen of your favourite restaurant as you might not like what you see there and might put you off for ever. However I had absolutely no hesitation in taking a tour of the kitchen and post that going back to the King for more.

When you go to Phoenix Market City for whopping (err I meant shopping) make sure you may homage to the king

Here is their menu……..




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19 thoughts on “King arriveth in Bengaluru – Burger King Opens today 27 Jun,2015

  1. ಥೂ… ಕಚಡಾ ತಿಂಡಿ!!
    ಇದೂ ಒಂದ್ ತಿಂಡೀನಾ, ಈ ದರಿದ್ರಾನಾ ನಮ್ಮ ದೇಶದಲ್ಲಿ ಬಿಡಬಾರದಿತ್ತು…!

  2. Shameless !
    Being an a Indian you eat beef ! Ridiculous ! And you have the audacity to share it and provoke fellow kannadigas ? Go back to uk.

    1. If you have actually read the post carefully you will notice I have mentioned that their beef burgers are NOT available in India. Beef is still a popular meat in Bengaluru and I know many of your fellow kannadigas who enjoy it to the core.

    2. Mohit.. If you don’t eat beef, its your choice. Don’t force your opinion on someone else. I am within my rights to eat whatever I want, whenever and wherever I want. Seems you are not a beef eater, what are you doing about the cows being left on the road? Haven’t seen any devout tending to them. Grow up Mohit, focus on larger issues. Traffic discipline in Bangalore for example is one area where you could focus your skills on.

    3. WTF Mohit !…… So you trying to say that eating beef makes a person a non-indian? I’m confused…. Last time I checked India was a secular country

  3. I have been seeing the pictures every where but now I will have to visit it ASAP.
    great review pheno. Will let you know how I found the food. I am already drooling. 😀

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