Know your wareabouts?? Splendid time at Wareabouts

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I was invited to try out the new  lunch menu.   Let me start with the place.  The place is spacious with two floors. The top floor gives an open air feel and that’s where the white sticks are allowed to be burnt. They also have shishas (hukka) !!

img_20161126_125748 img_20161126_132107img_8771

The floor below is spacious enough and space used well.  I also liked the concept of putting up post-its for feedback, both positives and negatives and displaying it  to the customers. That takes some nerve.

The tables have slots for grills where the freshly barbequed meats and veggies are brought continuously.   I loved the fish tikka and prawns. The chicken tikka was great too but am not too high on chicken…img_8791

Veg tikki – Average


There were some exceptions that absolutely blew the mind in terms of presentation and taste

Chicken wings – Spot in deliciousness.  The right heat levels to keep you engrossed

American Corn – Very Nicely presented on a crispy wonton base. The corns were crisp and made a great accompaniment with the beer

img_8801 img_8803

Anchovy Fry – Fish fingers with a difference. Who anchovies crispy fried with a lovely sauce along side. It sure kept me busy 🙂

img_8795 img_8807

The dip was a class apart.

Sesame crispy Lamb – A lovely dish and lamb is my favourite so if I sign off any lamb dish, it is worth you while


Caramalized pineapple – Frankly I have had better


All of this was accompanied by Hoegaarden and Buds 🙂 There was sangria as well as other mocktails but I did not taste it. hoegaarden


The main course had a good spread. I was too stuffed with the starters so had very selected items

Paya Soup – Exquisite !!!! A  beautiful flavourful soup that completely set the tonques wagging inspite of the full tummy.


Crab curry – The gravy was spot on but the crab could do with more time in the gravy so the meat abosrbs the flavors. It was perfectly cooked however and did complete justice to the crab meat


Chicken Biryani was excellent.  I also saw dimsum noodles but did not taste. However it seemed interesting

Fish Salsa – Served in shot glasses this was an interesting twist of flavors


Dessert also had a good variety and my absolute favourite was the chocolate infused rosogollas that stole the show.  Sigh


Overall a fun place to party with friends and to enjoy the shisha at the end

My Rating

Food – 4/5

Ambience – 4/5

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