Matter of Honor – Review of Matter of Honor by Jefferey Archer


Matter of Honor
Matter of Honor

The main element of any of Archer’s stories is the ‘twist in the tale’ that leaves you gasping for more. If ever I saw a funny ending or I heard a surprising real life story I usually goarre ye to Jefferey Archer ki kahaniyan jaise ho gaya; He is one of the most brilliant authors that I have ever read.


As usual I will not be revealing the story line. In the Matter of Honour you get a piece of everything, a thriller of a story, brilliant plot that keeps you on edge until the last moment, amazing descriptions of the way the swiss banks work, spies and as obvious as I mentioned before a brilliant ending. It is one gripper of a novel unputdownable till the last page. I usually get a real colourful firing from my parents every time I read a novel since I lose track of time and my food 🙂


One of the similarity I found in all of Jefferey Archers books (except the Prison Diary) was that the central character(s) is/are amazing and exceptionally talented. The way their talents are so weaved skillfully within the plot gives complete ecstacy and satisfaction to the reader.


Some of the other novels worth reading by him are As the Crow Flies, Honour Among Thieves, Sons of fortune, Kane and Abel, Shall We Tell the President, The Prodigal Daughter, Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less, Twist in the Tale, Quiver Full of arrows, To Cut a Long Story Short, The 11th Commandment, 12 Red Herrings, The Fourth Estate, Monsoon and others which I don?t remember at the moment 🙂


Happy reading to all and three cheers to a brilliant author.


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