Me Myself and My Car

Here I am back with a few tips on Driving. Not driving others crazy at which I am a natural but driving on the roads which anyone can guess.

Before I begin, please let me make clear that driving properly and safely in this case is not your schumacherian control of the car but the ethics involved which I observe is rarely followed

The world is moving fast, why not we?

I guess this must be what half the drivers and most members of the bratpacks must be thinking. The speeds at which they can be seen zooming around is only to be seen to be believed in a city like Hyderabad where traffic jam is but a part of natural life. It’s like they take their parents advice literally to heart when they are told, ”Be fast and don’t lose pace with the world”. Its amazing to see them maintain the same speed also in alleys scaring the wits out of the poor people. They kind of behave like the road was given to them as their dowries. Or maybe they seem to be always suffering with problems of a loose stomache where they cannot afford to stop!! I have often noted that speeds rarely ever takes you anywhere fast. Its navigation that does. Whats the fun in screeching to a halt in front of a signal when you can actually drive just fast enough so u dont ever have to stop!!

Do let the ”unlucky” persons without cars live in peace without any fear of vehicles driving over them and do stay alive to go with the world.

2. Honk till u go Bonk

Then there are guys who think they might be related to some of the music directors with their varieties of fancy horns which they assume is cool and people really fall in love with it with every honk. The other group belongs to those who just cannot drive without honking. They really need that support to guide them in their ”beautiful”driving, especially in Traffic signals!! Seriously does he expect the guy who is waiting in front for the same signal to suddenly grow wings and fly away like some futuristic movie?

The road is no platform for musical talents so let them remain till a better opportunity arises

On the other hand there are people who do not blow horns untill the last moment. About them I have no statements to make. They belong to a completely different level !!

3. Lets have fun in the rain

O boy this is the part where the driver has fun in the rain at others expense. I have seen some jerks go ”whee !!” on puddles of water splashing the by passers with the water and others not bothering to slow down their vehicles when approaching a puddle to water.

Just because somebody is safe inside a vehicle does not give him the right to do as he pleases

4. Circus on the road

With all the action movies involving cars and bikes, some of them find it so difficulty to get down to the level of reality, that they kind of live their icon image even on the roads with some crazy wheelie stunts or zig zag driving to impress their ”special” friends. Its pathetic to see them do that gloating at each other without realising somebody might make a mistake by wrongly anticipating them.

5. One for the road, hic!!

For all the Salmans out there, please spare the public!! Nobody wants to how well you drive after a couple of rounds. what say, (hic!!)

I have never felt I am some amazing driver superior to everyone else on the road, but decent driving is what I have always believed in.

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