Family that drinks together – A Toddy Story

Toddy has always been a quintessential part of any coastal place and Kerala is no exception. I have also heard in the grapevine that bars may also start selling this (not sure how much is the vine broken though). I love drinking toddy both in the fresh form (Neera) and the fermented one which gives a good swing and makes u feel rummy indeed. For a previous post on toddy click here

Mullapanthal Toddy Shop (or shaap as its called in the local lingo) has setup a place for families where the complete family including the woman folks can come and drink as well. There are separate rooms (some even have AC’s) for them.  It’s no wonder the place always has customers and most of them families.

The food makes an exquisite combination with the toddy. Make sure to ask for the fresh one or you might get the fermented one

Ambience of the Mullapanthal Toddy Shop

Nicely maintained and the kitchen was clean.Normally at these places, cleanliness  is the last thing on the mind right? A local shop can scare you senseless if you have an OCD for cleanliness 😀

What we ordered at Mullapanthal?

  1. Boiled Tapioca and Fish curry – This is a popular combo all across kerala (among the non veggies).  The fish curry was absolutely brilliant. With the flavor of the kodam puli (dried cocum) and hit of chillies this was mind blowing
  2. Pork Fry – Exquisitely done pork and the combination of pieces and fat was just right
  3. Mutton Liver – Beautifully done but unfortunately I am not much of a liver person.
  4. Prawns – Brilliant prawns. Kerala and especially a shaap can never get prawns wrong.
  5. Toddy – Duh !! Here is how it is served 🙂

Enjoy the glimpses. Click on each for higher resolution


Mullapanthal - A bottle of toddy (kallu)
Mullapanthal – A bottle of toddy (kallu)

Mullapanthal - Lets begin shall we?
Mullapanthal – Lets begin shall we?

Mullapanthal - Boiled Tapioca
Mullapanthal – Boiled Tapioca

Mullapanthal - Fish Curry
Mullapanthal – Fish Curry

Mullapanthal - Pork Fry
Mullapanthal – Pork Fry

Mullapanthal - Prawns fry
Mullapanthal – Prawns fry

Mullapanthal - Decent places to sit
Mullapanthal – Decent places to sit

Mullapanthal - Lots of dishes
Mullapanthal – Lots of dishes


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