Natural Rock Formations on St Mary's Island #atozchallenge

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Designs of nature
So Bizarre yet beautiful
Man is still a child

St Mary’s Island in Udupi  known for its natural rock formations that looks like its carved with a knife and is literally a bizarre modern ar of nature. With its green clear water, this is a place to be though we got to spend on an hour there. The ride to this island was fun too with the boat bouncing along on the waves and then the transfer to a smaller boat.

Part of the #atozchallenge and ABC Wednesday(N) with N.  Also head to Wordless Wednesday, Wordless  Wednesday Bloggers and Blog She. Haiku composed with Syllable Counter

26 thoughts on “Natural Rock Formations on St Mary's Island #atozchallenge

  1. Another place added to my ‘must see’ list ! Did not know about this place at all .Thanks for sharing Pheno Menon ..and thank you for giving me an idea about what to do with ‘o’ 😀

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