Natural Rock Formations on St Mary's Island #atozchallenge

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Designs of nature
So Bizarre yet beautiful
Man is still a child

St Mary’s Island in Udupi  known for its natural rock formations that looks like its carved with a knife and is literally a bizarre modern ar of nature. With its green clear water, this is a place to be though we got to spend on an hour there. The ride to this island was fun too with the boat bouncing along on the waves and then the transfer to a smaller boat.

Part of the #atozchallenge and ABC Wednesday(N) with N.  Also head to Wordless Wednesday, Wordless  Wednesday Bloggers and Blog She. Haiku composed with Syllable Counter

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  1. hitchy says:

    what a powerful haiku that !

  2. Full marks and more for the haiku – huge thanks for the visual treat 🙂 Cheers, Laxmi

  3. Roshni says:

    wow! Lovely shot!

  4. Suzy says:

    Beautiful picture and very nice haiku. Wow that is some rock formation.

  5. This is so beautiful .. the photo and the verse. Amazing how time and the elements have shaped our planet. That’s a great rock formation.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  6. Ruchira says:

    Man is still a child – well said !

  7. Lovely Haiku and perfect shot 🙂

  8. afshan18 says:

    strong lines and great shot !

  9. janu says:

    A wonderful picture and beautiful words.

  10. I discovered the existence of this island via both of you and I’m definitely going there!

  11. Beautiful haiku. I heard many good things about this island. And this atoz thingie is going to bankrupt me big time!

  12. Roger Green says:

    Phenomenal! ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  13. lesliebc says:

    I ditto Roger – “Phenomenal”

    abcw team

  14. photowannabe says:

    Nature certainly does some crazy things. Interesting rock formations.

  15. Sonia Lal says:

    Beautiful picture and lovely poem!

    Sonia Lal

  16. Mystery Case says:

    Love this! Happy WW, feel free to pop over and link up at Ms Mystery Case.

  17. sharmila says:

    Another place added to my ‘must see’ list ! Did not know about this place at all .Thanks for sharing Pheno Menon ..and thank you for giving me an idea about what to do with ‘o’ 😀

  18. londonlulu says:

    Nature is beautiful and mysterious – gorgeous place and capture for “N”!

  19. So many interesting and amazing rock formations in Nature….

  20. Joy says:

    Basalt creates some amazing shapes . a turbulent geological past.

  21. So glad you joined me for Wordless Wednesday Bloggers. More than 100 people partied with us! Thanks for linking up and don’t forget the Friday Flash Blog later this week.


  22. pinksocks says:

    Wow this place is in India :O Stunner

  23. The beauty of nature!

    Festival of Nation
    Falling behind with letter N but trying to catch up before letter O rolls in.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  24. md says:

    lovely one! would like to visit once!

  25. privytrifles says:

    Excellent Haiku!

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