Northwest Frontier Food Festival at Marriotts

The Northwest Frontier always reminds me of the fierce horsemen, buzkashi (a rough game played on horseback). roasted meat and honor.  It also reminds me of Rambo 3!!. Too bad the terrorists had to spoil the image.

Marriott Whitefield is having a food festival inspired by the Northwest Province till 19 Jun, 2018.   They have a rotating menu so none of the food is repeated. How cool and elaborate is that?


Nicely done with all the traditional touch. It looked bright and cheerful and instantly sets your mind to having a drink and relaxing with the food.

Rotating Menu till 19th

I had gone on 12 Jun  and the specialities of the day was live kabab counters that served melt in the mouth kababs.  No kababs were made and kept to go cold. It was made on order and it showed in the texture and taste.  I loved the Nan Tanak filled with Gurda Kaleji (mutton liver and kidney) kabab served like a bao. The flavor was spot on.  Another specialty was Raan Biryani. I have had raan before but only as a roasted dish.. The biryani was a pleasant change and absolutely exquisite when mixed with the gravy of the raan.  Loved it. Apart from that they also have a good number of vegetarian variety.  Some of the other dishes I liked was tangri (chicken leg) cooked in a rich cashew gravy, mutton nalli gravy, mutton kofta biryani. The daal was mind blowing in flavor and went well with the naans

The buffet is really exhaustive and also have their regular dishes such as an impressive array of salads and dessert. Enjoy the glimpses and go before its over !!

At Rs. 1075/- Lunch and Rs. 1475/- dinner this is a great opportunity to experience the flavors of the Northwest sitting right here in the Uru




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