Nothing simple about this………..

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circle of life
no beginning or end
it goes on

This is a smoke ring I created.

Tips I follow

1. Life is a circle, what you give is what you get

2. Dont get mad at your enemies, just smile (it pisses them off)

3. However miserable the situation is, there is always a humor element (it can be dark but its there)

4. If you want to be happy, just be

5. Dont ask questions if you dont want to hear the answers (especially for women I think)

6. Its the little things in life than makes it enjoyable. Stop waiting for the jackpot

7.  Keep it simple ( the most complicated to follow)

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8 thoughts on “Nothing simple about this………..

  1. Wow! How did you create that perfect smoke ring?
    Wonderful tips. Believe in no. 6 wholeheartedly and I think I must practice no. 2 🙂

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