Natural nuclear tipped missiles – Day 345

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  T  -5….4….3…..2…..1….

Dont mess with Nature too much  else we will never have peace, only pieces….

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Published by Pheno Menon

I came I saw and I had fun

10 Comments to “Natural nuclear tipped missiles – Day 345”

  1. Emille says:

    Beautiful buds – I don’t know what “throo da” means…is it English??

    1. Pheno Menon says:

      Throo Da is the substitute for “through the” 🙂 Couldn’t get that so this was the closest alternative. Thnx for stopping by

  2. md says:

    Lovely buds! Just check the tip of the buds..
    .. the flower must be pink… Right?

  3. MommyGagay says:

    very natural.. dropping by from BPC!

  4. Deli says:

    Pretty 🙂 Dropping by for BPC.

  5. Leah H. says:

    Captured beautifully!

    Visiting from the BPC Challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  6. emzkie says:

    those are azaleaz i believe?

  7. shahz says:

    Your right, Look at this beautiful flower if people continue to abuse nature, no beautiful flower like this one to appreciate. Late visit.

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