Oats – Interesting way to eat it and still be happy

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I used the masala variety for this that comes nowadays.. Make the oats the normal way. Parallely I also scramble some eggs (not the Indian bhurji style) with sea salt and a pinch of pepper and which I make it dry by keeping it longer on the stove and stirring continuously.Meanwhile when the oats is getting cooked I add my own secret masalas  apart from the ones that comes in the oats along with a sprinkle of parmesan. Add the scrambled eggs to the oats, thicken it slightly and  top it with some dill and coriander. Simple no??

Regular oats can be powdered and used to thicken soup instead of corn flour and it does a much better job without any change in taste. In the south its also added to the idli and dosa batter or made into a batter itself for making all this. Even common place dishes like upma.  Now that’s sowing the oats everywhere 😉

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge for O.  Linked to ABC Wednesday(N) for Night…. Also part of April UBC. For more memes click here


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17 thoughts on “Oats – Interesting way to eat it and still be happy

  1. This time I went to India, I saw oats everywhere– these masala varities, too. I’m wondering tho whether all these additions help retain the healthful qualities of oats?

  2. I prefer the straight forward variety – easier to work on the masalas. But mostly we eat it as a breakfast cereal, make pancakes or add it to soups and stews! You know when you grind it – you lose fiber.

  3. I love oats. They have been my go-to breakfast option for the last few years. I do get bored occasionally though and have the masala type ones 🙂

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