Of Similar Minds and Wavelengths – Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore #FBAB

I have been part of the Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore (FBAB) for quite some time but am more actively involved in their activities from 2016. After being part of it I regret the time I wasn’t part of it :). The group started by hard core foodies and bloggers is now sought after by most restaurants for promoting their brand and name and going by their posts about their experience I guess the founders are really busy trying to prioritize which ones to go for.  As part of their meetup I have already tried some good and some classy fine dining places as well. Click on the names below for my reviews on each.

  1. Zzungry – Awesome food deliveries
  2. Five Star Chicken – Tried their new veg menu and their time and tested one
  3. Yauatcha –  Classy fine dining Asian cuisine
  4. Big Pitcher -Lovely food and crafted beer
  5. Vidhyarti Bhavan and Namma SLN – Iconic Breakfast stops of Bangalore of Yore

If you notice I started all of this in 2016 so better late than never. The meetups are very well arranged. The three founders of this association Chef BB, Nameesh Rajamane and Naveen Suresh arrange lovely meetups and have created a brilliant platform for foodies and bloggers alike to try good food and meet each other and trade tips and secrets. It’s been a great experience so far  and have met some lovely people. Looking forward to more meetups, the more the merrier !!

Don’t think this is regular FB group, we have membership numbers too.. HELL YEAH !!


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