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Good Times

Flower arrangements for Onam (click for details), a harvest festival celebrated in Kerala.  Happy Onam all !! Let this be a “harvest” for good times to all visitors.

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  1. md says:

    Happy Colorful Onam !! 🙂

  2. Such yummy colors!

    Golden Rule
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  3. Roger Green says:

    Back to the garden

  4. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, a clever G post, very colourful.

  5. zongrik says:

    that’s absolutly lovely

  6. silver price says:

    The first thing that strikes you about Kerala is the green. I always make sure to get a good aerial view of the place in my flight, just to experience the sea of green and the swaying coconut trees. I dread the day when Kerala will be so urbanised that I have to go to nature ‘parks’ to remind myself of the olden days.

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