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OPOS Beans
OPOS Beans
OPOS Beans

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This is part of the The Livogen Iron Chef Contest from Indiblogger

Do you like the regular beans fry with grated coconuts?  Honestly I absolutely abhor it because I hate the very taste  of overcooked beans.  Do you know what is worse than overcooked beans? The undercooked ones !!  They make me throw up.  The issue with overcooked veggies is they have absolutely no use nutrition wise or taste wise. It’s like making something that has no value and fit only for the bin. Even the color becomes a sick green that does not improve the otherwise lost appetite. Why would anyone go through the agony of the heat of the kitchen to make worthless stuff that the family members do not appreciate?

Yes beans has many vitamins and iron which is good for the body but what’s the point when those go down the drain..literally? Though the competition calls for unique recipes, I chose the most simplest one because I want to show how easy it is to change your lifestyle to a healthy one using simple methods.  Read on

What if I tell you there is a way to cook these beans (any beans frm cluster to french) in the shortest possible time to retain the maximum nutrients and color?  Would you be interested?

Here is an OPOS way to ensure the conditions above and let me assure you this is a tried and tested method and the results are consistent each and every time !!  Me and my better half have both taken to OPOS (more her than me since I can’t keep following a recipe everytime) Click here for more OPOS recipes.

Equipment required

  1. 2 litre pressure cooker of a reputed company (don’t come back to me with a burnt face 🙂 ), induction (preferable) or gas stove, measuring cups, weighing scale

Standardizing the pressure cooker

Heat 1/4C (60ml) water in 2L cooker on high so the first whistle comes between 1 and 2 minutes. If you get it in less than 1 minute, decrease heat and if 2 minutes, increase heat. In induction, I typically work with 900 (highest I use)

Lets cook some beans !!

Layer your pressure cooker the following way…….

  1. Layer 1 – Add 3 tbsps of water to the 2 lts pressure cooker to prevent the burning of the base. Add 1 tsp oil (optional)
  2. Layer 2 – Take about 400 grams or 4 cups of chopped beans (thoroughl washed. You never know what stuff they put in vegetables nowadays unless its straight from the farm) and put them in the 2 ltr pressure cooker. It nearly fills it up but thats ok
  3. Layer 3 – 1 little pinch of turmeric (1/8 tsp !) 1/2 tsp salt, you can either add 2-3 slit green chillies or 1 tsp chilli paste
  4. Layer 4 – Dry yellow Moong dal and u can mix it with the beans layer but do not disturb layer 2.  Yes you do not even have to soak the moong dal ! Imagine the time saved
  5. Cover and cook on high for 5 mins or 1 Whistle which is nearly the same
  6. Release pressure immediately, add grated coconut and mix all of it together and then admire the result. Perfectly cooked beans that is bright green, having the right crunch (not overcooked) and this method ensures all nutrients (especially the iron) are locked in and not wasted.

This is not a rocket science but tried and tested methods that can change your life for the better and improve the appreciation for  home cooked meals.

Click here for more OPOS recipes.  Mr. Ramakrishna who is the most active evangelist shares his secrets in the facebook group OPOS School or search for OPOS in you tube to see his other recipes.



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