Plaisirs Officiels With Sony Ericsson W700 – Review of Sony Ericsson W700

Sony Ericsson W700
Sony Ericsson W700

Hello again folks. Long time since I came up with any review but as the wise man said “With greater power comes greater responsiblities” and I was simply out of time to write any review though I was a regular reader. Its hard to stay away from MS you know 🙂

Anyways this review is about the Sony Ericsson W700i which I acquired 2 months back. Read on as I unravel the features and place it before you.

Well the W700i is sure not a foot stopper or a head turner if u r planning to flaunt it for that “oh so cool” look. What the w700 has is a sleek executive look for a professional and the famous Sony walkman logo which shows “There’s nothing official about it” . It feels nice and comfy in your hands and is quite light

Les Dispositifs(The Features)

Joystick: I somehow like joy sticks. I dont face any problems of my joy stick getting jammed as some claim occurs in the W700

Menu: The menu is very convenient and shows the full menu options. The display is better than some of the other phones I have owned (Hey I am a poor guy.Dont expect me to have those high class smart phones that not only burn holes in ur pockets but rather rip the pockets from whatever u r wearing!!)

MP3 : The sound is good and clear. Use the ear plugs with the megabass and equalizers provided, and the music can really make you go groovy. (Avoid using it in public places. It could create misunderstanding and make people around u look at u in a diff light). Unlike the W550 the W700 is not meant to be a loud player. The ear plugs are comfortable and completely cuts out the noise and sound around you. The playlist is another good feature and mp3 files can be arranged by preference of tracks, artistes etc. The single button key also lets u play the recent song without u having to go into the walkman mode

Camera: The W700 comes with a 2 Mega Pixel camera. I kinda like it and its been very convenient for those moments when u just need to take a snap. Though it lacks the auto focus and macros found in the other sony ericsson models I can do without them. The videos come out well too. I especially like the panaromic capabilities of the camera. The camera comes with a shutter and I cannot tell u how important the shutter is. The flash is pretty poweruful and I even use it like a torchlight sometimes!! The placement of the capture button is convenient for horizontal picture capture.

Music Only: U have this cool function of choosing only the music when u swtich on the phone. This allows you to use the W700 in flights without the airhostess breathing down your neck talking of regulations about mobile phone usage during flights. (Airhostess I can still handle though 😉 )

Expandable Memory: I somehow dont like the idea of being restricted with memory that is not expandable. Even if it be an inbuilt 1 GB space, I somehow crave the freedon of expanding it or rather I hate the idea of restriction. The W700 comes with an external 256Mb memory stick pro duo from San Disk and is expandable to 4 GB from what primary research I did before I bought the phone.

Connectivities: Bluetooth, Infrared, USB work well in the set. USB is the fastest for data transfer.The bluetooth has a speed of 30-40 kbps and the Infra-Red is the slowest of all but no complaints, it does its work quite satisfactorily.

Battery: Very good battery life which goes upto 3-4 days with average usage. Average usage does not mean hearing music and playing games!!!!

Misc: I love using their custom DJ which allows u to play around with snaps, music and vidoes
Le Coût (The Cost)
I bought this set for Rs.12700 about two months back but now is available for Rs.11700 now. Not that I am complaining. I am quite happy with my set. But seriously, the features it offers to the present cost is incredible. It is an amazing set at an affordable price.
The W700 is not so different from the W800 but hey what you get is a lot cheaper and I did not find the white and copper of the W800 so appealing either.

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