Pristine Organics – Great Organic Products

I recently tried some products from Pristine organics. It is a new company with products ranging from organic supplements to critical nutrition. In this age when we have  a surplus of companies offering organic this does differentiate itself by addressing metabolic diets as well. I had reviewed another company called the Eco Store. Read it here

Products that I got

Pristine - Organic Products
Pristine – Organic Products

Organic Ragi Flakes – This is how I eat my flakes 🙂   Ran out of strawberries, nuts, prunes and dates !!





Deccan Gold Filter Coffee – Brilliant coffee indeed. The strong flavors of the filter coffee comes through very nicely

Fields of Gold – Garden Cress – Haven’t used it yet. Still figuring out the best way to use this outside of salads

Organic Ragi Flour – The dosa and rotis come out pretty well. Since the flour is smooth its easy to use

Pristine Organics - Ragi Flour
Ragi Flour

Pristine Organics - Ragi Dosa
Ragi Dosa


The fields of gold reminds me of a Sting song by the same name. 🙂

Nutri Biscuits – Not really my cup of tea but goes well with a cup of tea 🙂

Will definitely try their other products eventually


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