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We come to the finale of the #BarAThon and it was good fun twisting simple themes into foodie concepts. I am more of a 1-2 posts a week kind of guy  and this saw me completing it seven days in  a row!! Am I impressed or what!!

Day#7 is Promises and I have seen many promises being made and broken and consider it just fashionable steam coming off people’s mouth.  Yes this is twisted around food too 😀


Blowing off steam

I don’t make many promises and especially those I can’t or dont intend to keep. So that my promise to myself and to everyone around me is I will be as genuine as possible (maybe to the extent of hurting by being brutally right but that’s me.  Happy Friendship Day by the way 😀


The previous posts below. I hope you like my new template as well as my posts for this #barathon….


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