Pyramid Valley for Peace and Solitude

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midst the chaos
I hear the call of
the mystical pyramid

Pyramid Valley, located on Kanakapura road in Bangalore, Karnataka is one such place where people come to meditate and to de-stress from their chaotic life. It’s a very pleasant experience being there with no noise and seeing people enjoying the surrounding in silence. The Pyramid is this huge structure that can seat an unbelievable number of people inside it.

It is a different experience to sit amidst this silence. It almost made my better half crazy and. The silence within the pyramid (yeah you cannot talk inside 🙂  ) is so good, you can almost taste it….  I will also add, it’s not for the faint-hearted  🙂

It’s a short drive from  Bangalore and has lots of facilities inside including food and plenty of water.

By the way I was almost reminded of The Mummy Returns when I saw it for the first time 🙂

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39 thoughts on “Pyramid Valley for Peace and Solitude

  1. That is an amazing structure, don’t think I could cope if it has no windows. I like the idea of total silence to meditate!
    Best wishes,
    Abcw Team.

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