Day 59 – Queen

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Queen of Arts

The Queen, Maharani Satvashiladevi Bhonsale  of Rajawada, Sawantwadi in Maharashtra still promotes the Ganjifa painting and is a prolific artist herself painting local animal faces in coasters, mats etc.

Ganjifa is a set of paper cards in different shapes (usually round) with intricate paintings on them. It is also a reference to a card game played with the Ganjifa leaves. ‘Ganjifeh’ is a persian word which means a ‘playing card’. ‘Ganj’ also means a ‘treasure’. This is essentially a pan Indian game originating in the Mughal courts. It was prevalent in states such as Orissa, Bengal, Rajasthan, Kashmir and Maharashtra.

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  1. Roger Green says:

    WE should appreciate the queens of our culture!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

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