Quick Bites at home – Momos and a spicy dip – An easy way to make em!

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Another simple exercise in pampering your palate. I love momos!

Momos has always been a favorite quick meal in the east. From the Tibetans to the Chinese all have been making their own ways and calling them by different names. No matter I can end it by using Shakespeare’s quote  for my use here. A momo by any other name still taste delicious !!

What we need……

  1. Butter
  2. Minced meat (veggies dont stop here. There is an alternative at the end)
  3. 2-3 eggs ( abt 2 eggs whole and 1 egg white)
  4. Salt
  5. Pepper
  6. Dried red chillies or chilly powder
  7. Ginger and garlic
  8. Onions or shallots
  9. Scallions

Lets do this!!!

  1. Take minced meat (any meat of your choice though pork tastes the best. I have used lamb/mutton)
  2. Mix the scallions (spring onions), onions, salt and butter and some green peppers and crushed pepper, if you like .it spicy. Mix it well. Forget the ladle and spatula and just used your fingers for a uniform mix as well as softening the meat.
  3. If its red meat like beef or mutton it will be a good idea to cook it in the microwave for about 10 mins (not more)..
  4. The easiest thing now is to get the ready made momo wraps that you get in the market however I prefer made @ home.  The instructions for the wraps are further below. If you are happy with the ready made ones continue……..
  5. Take a little bit of the mixed meat and put in center of the wrap (if u use too little you will hardly get the taste and if its more the wrap may tear while getting steamed) and fold it diagonally across using a little water to seal the edges. I leave it your creativity for the designs but bottom line… get it all packed up nice !
  6. Apply a layer of egg white and oil so that it does not stick to the bottom of the steamer as well as to a nice soft texture. Put it in a steamer and let it steam for about 20 – 25  mins. The time for steaming varies with the type of meat  (chicken   10 mins)cooks much faster (10- 15 mins and veggies in abt  10 mins).
  7. For the dip take about 7 -8 dried red chillies,2-3 garlic cloves,a small chunk ginger, half an onion, olive oil and a little salt. Blend them all together to  form  a thick paste (add water if you want is slightly more thin). In case you don’t have dried chilly, the powder or cayenne pepper powder will do well too.

For the veggies and vegans, a mixture of salad vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, carrots and capsicums along with the scallions  and bound together with either cornflour or thick cream can be used. Steam it for lesser time so the freshness of these vegetables can be tasted.

For the dough

Take a mixture of all purpose flour,rice flour and corn flour and run it through a sieve to blend it together well. Add 1-2 whole eggs, oil, salt and make a dough (keep the moisture on the higher side) to make it soft. Cut it into small sized spheres and roll it thin (use any of the flour so it does not stick). Use the same procedure above to stuff.

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    1. U stay on Hosa Road??Oh dont tell me !!! That’s stones throw away from my place. You must come home sometime then…. I stay in Singasandra 🙂

  1. See what happens when you share great recipes on your blog, you get friends coming over for tasting the dishes 🙂 Lovely recipe, will try to make momos, had tried once but they didn’t come out good.

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