Quite not so Quiet

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Diwali comes again
all the wishes
obscured by noise

Fireworks in the CITY during Diwali has become extremely noisy and dangerous. Lets have a better and colorful one next year with the ears intact…..Hopefully !

Part of ABC Wednesday (Q). For links and more memes clickΒ here

35 thoughts on “Quite not so Quiet

  1. I don’t like fireworks too close to my house. We always have fireworks on New Year’s Eve, Once my daughter’s ex ,had his house on fire by a piece of fireworks.

  2. Here all the firework noise was drowned out by the storm hammering on the roof – PS my anti-virus software warned me that this site was “dodgy” but I decided to visit anyway – it is possibly due to a bad widget on your sidebar – you might want to check it out.

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