Day 222 – Red Moon

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Saw this red moon on 13 Oct and could not resist taking this snap. Haven’t really come across a red moon before. Why does the moon appear red. To know click here

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  1. md says:


    Red has longer wavelength… so sometimes when the moon is near the horizon and the reflected sunlight light from moon has to pass greater distance through atmosphere, more of red light reaches the eye….
    And the moon looks RED.

  2. loue says:

    Wow! full moon, reminds me of Twilight saga. Love.

  3. Ms Burrito says:

    Such beautiful sky you captured!

    Please come and see my Sky Watch too!

  4. Wenche says:

    Wow, i just say. Wish I just had seen this sometime :0) Just beautiful :0)

  5. Kim, USA says:

    Oh my I didn’t know we had a red moon that day. Thanks for sharing this excellent capture. Happy weekend!

    Sky Watch

  6. that red in oct? I would have guest for august. 🙂

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