Review of The Horse whisperer by Nicholas Evans

The Horse Whisperer
The Horse Whisperer

The story is about a lady who is trying her best to bring together her daughter broken emotionally and physically by an accident and a horse driven mad by pain.

Their only hope is a cowboy doctor,Tom , who comes to heal the horse and all of them in a way. The emotion is intense and so is the storyline. The outdoor people who like riding can easily relate to this and am sure will enjoy each and every line of this book.

Such is the impact it creates that it will keep you engrossed and atleast for me I removed my nose from the book only after I reached the last page. The storyline will not be revealed as usual. Read it and enjoy it.

My favourite character was Tom in the book who has been described as having an amazing command over horses and the relation between him and Anne depicted in the book is superb. The author’s description of the landscapes and the surroundings brings the picture clearly in your mind and makes you wish you were there.

The book was also made into a motion picture by the same name in 1998 directed by Robert Redford. With an impressive array of casts including Robert Redford himself playing Tom, Kristin Scott Thomas as Anne. This movie is a must see for people who enjoy sentimental stuff. I fell in love with this book and movie and I am sure others have and will too.

However this book is like wine. You have to slowly develop the taste for it but I assure you it gets better with every sip, I mean page. 🙂

Happy reading folks. Let me know how you liked the book and the movie.

P.S As usual I am not able to write one of the actor’s name. MS is just not allowing me to write his name. :-0

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