Rock n Roll with Moto E

moto E
Well I had a near fiasco with my Samsung S4 when it’s battery exploded right before me. (my post at After that I thought it was smarter using dumber phones and went back to the basics. I was even surprised that I was able to survive without being connected on the go. Moto E changed all that went it came into the market with the right price for all the features which was considered premium in smart phones including the latest OS Kitkat. I came back to smart phones.

The phone is a dual sim set, sleek enough and not too heavy. Voice clarity is very clear and both my sim cards work without any issues. Kitkat obviously seems faster than Jelly Bean but the phone surprised me with its response. Its fast (not ultra fast like the premiums) and the response time is good enough for me without any noticeable delay. The glass touch screen is pretty rugged and the keys are ergonomically placed so you dont have to go on a trip for finding the buttons. Camera does not have flash or auto focus but for the price I dont really mind since the 5mp camera gives pretty good pictures atleast for facebook uploads in the day and in good light conditions. Speakers are surprisingly loud and the sound clarity as good as it can get. Gives me a days use with all the applications running including my data which is always on. Overall no complaints though the human need for wanting more cannot be controlled eh…

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  1. I am quite happy with my Moto G. I was also considering Samsung but am happy I didn’t go for that. But exploding batteries…that’s quite something!

  2. I read about your battery explosion. That was a scary and a terrible experience. Moto-e sounds good. I had Motorola RAZR many years ago 🙂

  3. I still remember your post about the battery explosion. Yes, the Moto series phones seem to be the best value for money devices with everything packed in. Hope you have a better experience with this, Pheno 🙂

  4. Oh I remember that picture. Scary it was! I know too little about phones but the Moto Series sounds good. Good luck with this one.


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