Saving YouTube Videos from Firefox Cache

I am sure I am a lot behind many of the geeks who would have already discovered this stuff. However I console myself that this might help the others who are on the opposite side of the number line. I take the example of Youtube since thats’ where I frequently visit, but this could apply to any of the streaming video sites.

As the title suggests Firefox is my preferred way of browing than IE

The fact is whichever site you visit is putting its cookies or information in your browser. Good news then since videos are part of this info 😀 So if you figure not where to get this info you have the videos. Heh!! simple right? Well as the saying goes.. ” You never discover how simple it is until you discover how simple it really is” (incidentally I just made that up right now). S lets set aside these irritating lines and go ahead with finding those videos. Thats what you have come here for right?

Step 1 ; Open a new firefox window and in the address bar type in about:Cache. You will get this screen.

Now concentrate on the arrow mark. Thats what we want. Copy the location of the cache (its different for different users) and then go to the Run window. Here’s how you get to the Run window (as I said I am consoling myself geeks are not reading this)
Either type in the Windows Key and R together or click the start and look for Run. Paste the location in there and hit enter. You will be taken to the cache location. Arrange the files by filesize by clicking on size. The first time it sorts by ascending and te next click toggles it to Descending. The biggest of the file size should be the videos. Copy it to your preferred location and add an extension .flv. This is important or the file will not play. Any vidoes from any of the streaming vidoe sites needs this extension. So how do we play this… Here’s a small list. There are a million others available on the internet. But me with my limited knowledge have tried listing a few of the popular ones

1. Media Player Classic
2. ReAL Player
3. FLV Player

Also available are converters to convert the FLV to AVI to make it more compatible with most of the common players.

Reminder (again!!!): .FLV iin the filename s required for the file to play. Renaming (Rightclick on file—Rename—<choose>.FLV)

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