Sen(tea)mental Evening-Review of Infinitea

“There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea. ” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Letters and Social Aims

Now thats an apt saying isn’t it? I don’t mind any beverage (ahem?). Lets keep that Tea and Coffee for now. Anyways…even if I drink coffee occasionally I proclaim myself an incorrigible tea drinker. My day is a disaster if I don’t get my cuppa tea. OK lets forget me. You aren’t reading this for me now are you? You can imagine my excitement when I discovered this joint by the name Infinitea (isnt that a clever name?) which catered to the tea gourmet. So I reach there with my better half almost with my tongue hanging out imagining all the tea variety that were waiting just for me to taste and bless them!!

I even liked the whole attitude thing. The joint looked like a British pub with lots of hourglass. Their use either you can guess now or continue reading The glance at the menu card broke that bubble rather abruptly though. Boy were some of the tea expensive!! However not to be outdone we went in for a Dinner ala French stylee. The first we ordered was Parmesan Fritters with a tea called “Orient Pearl” . We learnt so much about tea and their varieties which included oolongs,first flush etc

Now comes the use of the hourglass. The hourglass gives the time the tea leaves need to open in the steaming water!! Once the sand in the hourglass has run out start with your tea gentlemen and ladies!! The cups come with their own designer and cute strainer. The first course was a success of course with the parmesan fritters just subtly flavored to just tease your taste buds. with the tea it was something to kill for.

The second course we ordered was Mousha la limosi'(Fish in the Italian style) with Oolong (Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea (Camellia sinensis) somewhere between green and black in oxidation. It ranges from 10% to 70% oxidation.[1] It is among the most popular types of teas served in typical Chinese restaurants….courtesy Wikipedia).

The fish was a complete thumbs up!!! Coming from a non fish eater like me now thats saying something. Not very spiced it was just right and with the tea…heavenly. The oolongs were the expensive ones in the tea variety. Sadly we were too stuffed to go for the last course. But the experience I must say was rather splendid (yes.. after the tea I felt quite British) and all for around Rs 1000 I must end this with a Jolly Good!! chap

My Rating

Food n Beverage 4.5/5
Ambiance 4.5/5
Experience 4.5/5

Located @ – Cunningham Road Also Indira Nagar

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