Shanghai Noon, Wild West Meets the Orient – Splitsville, Big Pitcher

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I was invited to try their new lunch menu at Splitswood which has now got a twist

of Old Wild West look and the Oriental cuisine.. Wow that reminds me of Shanghai Noon !! 😀

It was a brilliant afternoon meetup with foodies and bloggers. Since I have already reviewed it before here I will only cover the food and the drinks…

My favourite two  craft beers are the Sarava which is light and the Kingslayer which is a stout. They have launched a new flavor called wood ale which does have the woody smokiness but  needs a litle more maturation for getting a fuller body. The head disappeared way too soon for my liking and I like my beer with a good bit of head. The beer needs some catching up to do but some of the cocktails were spot on.

Enjoy the visuals

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Among all of the food that was paraded for our tasting my favourite was easily the prawns wraped in crispy noodles that stole my palate and show. It was succulent and exquisite with the crispy noodles adding a fun crunch.  The chicken cutlet on a stick reminded me of the Kolkata chops. I liked it as well. The paneer crunch was nicely done and was a good combo with the dip.The last time I went there  the pizzas was very good with the right balance of flavors and not too saucy.  For the mains we had the usual fried rice, noodles and the schezuan gravy which was good but I am more of the starters guy

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We wrapped this up with a brownie dessert which Ifelt was too hastily organized and not thought out properly. It also lacked a good quantity of hot chocolate sauce that soften the brownie. This was dry and a bit hard. No complaint with the taste though.


We ended this soiree with a shisha flavored pan, passion fruit and whiskey which was strong yet pleasant. The shisha wasn’t part of the event and was separately paid by us


See me blowing a ring

Some more shots of a Cigar we came across. Cost of one Rs. 1100/- Smelt heavenly I must say

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Leaving you with our groupies

8 6777

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  1. I’m not a beer drinker, but I know lots of people who love to go out to special places to samples various beers. I’m sure they’re all good to some people but I’m afraid I’ve yet to find one I like.

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