Every Drop is a source of life – Save Water

single drop
defining a world between
life and death

Water wastage is a very big issue and what we take irrelevant wastage or insignificant can turn out to be a major source of issues going forward. Save water. Every drop counts.  Water is like the very drip that saves this world


  1. No wastage of water was carried out for this shot. A leaky faucet gave rise to this idea.  It has now been fixed.
  2. No filters or modifications was done to this photo except scaling for a closeup
  3. Canon EOD 600D with 18-55 lens



17 thoughts on “Every Drop is a source of life – Save Water

  1. Saving water is most essential and a responsibility of everyone. Hopefully this is a message that will make everyone to rethink their plans on water usage.

  2. That’s true we are wasting the water every day despite knowing that a group of population Don’t have access to clean water

  3. A picture speaks volumes. Love the action. Shot and more importantly the cause you raise. Let’s all save each drop.

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