What a squirrel taught me

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 forever hopeful
looking at life
with gleaming eyes

 Life is such a wonderful experience and so short. How and why is it that we, the most intelligent species on this planet (what we believe of course) lose that  gleam in the eye  that was filled with endless adventures and mysteries to be experienced and just let go of everything during the course of our life. Strange isn’t it?

I have always been attracted by squirrels for their boundless energy. Their zest  leaves me wondering if its not always food they are searching for but something eternal just beyond our grasp.

According to popular myths and legend the stripes of a squirrel is the result of Lord Ram (of Ramayana fame)caressing the squirrel after helping in his/her own way by dropping small stones when the bridge to Lanka was being constructed.

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36 thoughts on “What a squirrel taught me

  1. You know, Pravs, just today – I was thinking what a lot there was to learn from all the non-humans around here. For the entire duration of my one-hour walk today, a kite stayed perched on a pipe. Moving only once or twice to fiddle with its feathers. 🙂

  2. Very interesting way to look at life, and beings, and things in general. I agree, life is far too short. And that’s a great lesson you’re sharing. Thank you. Made me stop and reflect for a second, always appreciative of such moments.
    Nice to have met you through A-Z Challenge and Theme Reveal.
    Silvia @

  3. I should like to know who Lord Rama is and what happened to him. Thanks for your post for it make me look up this story and so I learn something new!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  4. They teach us a lot indeed! I once saw a group, in tandem, chewing on branches on a tree. How synergetic they were! Thanks for linking with us at the CBH this week….will be sharing this post on the online newspaper I will be posting later! tweeting too!

  5. What a lovely story of how Squirrels became striped by being loved for their helpfulness.
    They are busy creatures and their zest for life really is a great lesson to us all, thanks for sharing !

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