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Kaleidoscope of the dark

  don’t be afraid of the dark beauty exists there too  Taken during a rehearsal, I loved the way the silhouettes showed against the light. It was my moment of satori. I have always loved the dark and feel the word has been wrongly portrayed as evil. Linked to  ABC Wednesday(K) and part of #MondayMusings

Light from a Lamp

in darkness a flicker seen hope fills the  heart A lit lamp flickering in the wind has always attracted me though I am not a very religious person and my better half has to force me to accompany her to temples or even to light up the lamp at home sometimes. Maybe it’s the vision…

Mind and Darkness

Mind and Darkness When the mind becomes dark With no control over emotions All it takes is a tiny dusturbing thought To release the hold of societal bondage The facade we wear comes off Releasing the fury inside Behold man is his true form; A destructive force crushing everything A Juggernaut of uncontrolled evil My…

Darkness and Light

sparkling lights cheering the senses hope in the darkness 1/100,f/1.8 Canon 600d 50mm lens ISO 100 Folks my blog has been selected among the best of India blogs at blog add and needs your votes. Can you go and vote for me in this link pretty please?  😀 http://win.blogadda.com/view-blogs-voting/photo_video/Throo_Da_Looking_Glass/ For more memes click  here.  It…


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