Attaining Zen through Food – A Matsuri Experience

**Click and view snaps in high resolution** #invite #phenomenalworld #Matsuri #JapaneseCuisine I had been to Matsuri as part of an invite to try out their Japanese menu. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I have always been enamored by Japanese culture, their philosophy and their strict code of ethics. What ever they do whether…

Listen to your nose – Gourmet Coffee from Sunbean

#invite #influencersmeet #SunBeanGourmetCoffee I was part of the promotion of the gourmet coffee Sunbean by ITC.  With the top digital influencers present, it could be called a star studded affair  🙂 The whole concept starts on the premise that coffee is one of the oldest drinks in India and we have not been made aware…


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