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Quick Mayonnaise hack-Mayonnaise to Mayo-Nice

Mayonnaise has always been the decadent part of any of the junk eaters meal and has been considered junk themselves. Whether it is burgers, pizzas, fries or even a shawarma, mayonnaise provides that kick and complements a whole lot of food. Now give the good name back to mayonnaise and make it at home, quick…

Joy Ride to Nowhere and back on the Chennai Metro

#ChennaiMetro #Joyride #MetroRail **Click on pictures for full resolution view So I am a big metro fan.  I loved the tubes in London and the trains in Amsterdam.  I dont get a chance or the inspiration to commute on the Bangalore Metro very often.  The Koyambedy Metro is stones throw away from my parent’s place…


Believed to be originated from Tunisia or North Africa, Shakshuka is a popular breakfast in quite a few places including Israel, Morocco to name a few. However I think it can be had anytime for breakfast, lunch or supper. I came across this and when I heard it first time I thought the person sneezed…


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