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The Neopolitan Magic by Chef Nicola Coasta

#magicofItaly #phenomenalworld #phenomenaltastes #chefNicola #italian Italian cuisine especially from the Neapolitan region is all about using the freshest ingredients and making the best use of their natural flavors. ¬†Skilful use of cheese and cream enhances the flavors to an unbelievable level altogether. Experience this magic of Neopolitan cuisine by the international Chef Nicola Coasta from…

Naturally of course – Natural Icecream

Have always loved their icecreams with nuggets of the actual thing you are eating whatever flavor it is. My favourite is the tender coconut, water melon and kala jamun. Mind you anywhere else I do not go for any other flavors other than chocolate but in Naturals, I make an exception. ¬†The tender coconut has…

Taste of true Karnataka – Halli Mane

One of my favourite places for some good akki roti and other authentic karnataka food. It used to be extremely crowded initially and was a call to the true foodies. The ambiance was rustic and refreshing from the outside and unbelievably busy inside. I remember fighting my way for getting their akki roti and chutney…


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