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Kindle the Reading Habit – All about Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited – Phenomenal World

Why to use a kindle? Is it better than books? Phenomenal World tries to answer the eternal fight between a book and an e-reader and why to use a kindle

Everything Official About It – Review of Nokia E71

I was pretty comfortable with my Sony Ericsson K 550  and extremely happy with the features.Then came the E-71 and changed everything.The phones I had(all Sony Ericsson) were snappy, loud and fun. The E-71 is exactly the opposite. Sober, official and completely business oriented. Let’s evaluate the features shall we? Keypad – Something that could…

My ‘Moto’ is to rock & ‘Rola’-Review of Motorola C350

I am a cell phone phreak, pun intended to all the computer geeks out there. No I dont keep buying cell phones evey now and then but I have friends who do (Sigh!! lucky me) and I keep playing with their cell phones to my heart’s content.   I have a Motorola C350e . You…


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