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Delicious veg food in a home setting – Thotada Mane

If you are feeling hungry on the way to Mysore from Bangalore and or viceversa consider stopping at  Thotada Mane. A lovely quiet and homely place where materials have been reused skillfully. Tyres used as washbasins, cycle handlebars on sea-saws and traditional things kept tastefully to enrich the ambience. Old posters of hindi movies and one…

Unique Nature

Came across this unique beetle in my kitchen sink. Green and mean has a new meaning now doesn’t it? No bugs were harmed during this session. Update – I think this is the Green June Beetle from what I could find in the public domain Linked to ABC Wedneday and other wordless memes. For more…

Life is a Journey, Travel Hard

Look all around you Life’s a journey, travel hard Never stop moving For more green challenges, head to Thursday Challenge, Katherine’s Corner.  Haiku created using syllable counter


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