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When boats don’t suffice

when you kill you also slaughter; opportunities Taken in Dubare Elephant camp, Coorg. It was breathtaking watching the elephant crossing the river from one end to the other and the water almost reaching to the top. 1/200, f5.6 ISO100 Canon EOS600D Linked to ABC Wednesday(P) with poor critters

Jumbo Family in the Jungle

out they come giants in the wilderness rustling leaves Taken on the way to Ooty in the Bandipur Forest, Karnataka.  By the way dd u spot the little one hiding behind?  U can just make out a peek 🙂 Linked to ABC Wednesday(J)

Day 6 – Nature – The Lone Tusker

 Lonely and hungry Roaming the gigantic woods The giant walks free We were very close to this guy and if he had chosen to chase us that would have been a different story altogether. I have heard lone tuskers are more dangerous than the ones in group. Taken in Bandipur Forest. Day 6 of The Write…

Day 192 – Jumbo

Have always been fond of elephants (never to keep it as a pet though!!) and never miss the chance to go near the temple elephants.  Too bad they have to be chained always…   Linked to ABC Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday


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