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awaiting the future the present slips away perfume of fresh roses, forgotten You must have guessed my question by now.. Why is it that people spend their lives thinking about a dark future and forget to enjoy the present? My guess (and confirmation from seeing live examples) is that they have forgotten how to..unfortunately. Yeah…

Day 231 – Tea Factory

Both I & my better half love tea and could not resist when offered the chance to tour a tea factory in Newreliya, Sri Lanka. What can one ask for when you get the air of the mountains and a chance to taste lovely unblended black tea. Its a combination to live for (or die…

Lead Thy Way

Lord guide us through our errors everyday A shining star in the life’s dark way When will we all realize our error And stop bringing about chaos and terror Why do men fight for power Dont they realize they are approaching their final hour Is it the fear of death thats making them do this?…


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