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Life in a drop of water

a simple drop can start life; also end it This is a picture of a drop of water from a tap taken with an extension tube EXIF –  1/50 seconds,  Flash Fired…… ISO – 1600 Linked to ABC Wednesday (L)      

Man's Insignificance

man’s conceit in larger context; insignificant Taken in Shravanabelagola, a very special and holy place for the Jain community, Belagola’  s a derivation of two Kannada words Bel (white) and Kola (pond) in allusion to the beautiful pond in the middle of the town. Click here for the view. This is a statute of Gomteshwar…

Unique Nature

Came across this unique beetle in my kitchen sink. Green and mean has a new meaning now doesn’t it? No bugs were harmed during this session. Update – I think this is the Green June Beetle from what I could find in the public domain Linked to ABC Wedneday and other wordless memes. For more…


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