Prisoner of Hunger – Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

**Click on photos for full resolution** #selfpaid #phenomenalworld We are all prisoners of hunger aren’t we. The cravings make us travel places and sometime brings us to weird places and food. Well this place isn’t weird but the ambiance sure is interesting. The  whole theme of the restaurant is modeled on a prison with the…

Day 275 – Contemplation

Came across this devotee in the Kapalishwar Temple in Mylapore, Chennai. I have been covering  this temple a lot in this blog lately. However there is no much happening within the temple and so many sightswithin that covering it in a few posts is quite quite difficult. Linked to Our World

Day 268 – Mathematical Similarities

  The position I took this photo from gave me a parent and a child structure within. Reminds of the geometrical questions I used to solve in school….. This is the Kapalishwar temple in Mylapore, Chennai… Linked to Our world