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Chefactory – Biryani and kababs Ahoy

#phenomenalworld #phenomenaltastes #Chefactory ** Click on images for full resolution** Was invited by a friend for a dinner meetup at Chefactory. Since my better half is away, what more better to get your food fix  without having to make anything? It’s a small outlet on the Outer Ring Road. I walked in with a friend…

Listen to your nose – Gourmet Coffee from Sunbean

#invite #influencersmeet #SunBeanGourmetCoffee I was part of the promotion of the gourmet coffee Sunbean by ITC.  With the top digital influencers present, it could be called a star studded affair  🙂 The whole concept starts on the premise that coffee is one of the oldest drinks in India and we have not been made aware…

If you cant have bread it’s ok there’s Au Bon Pain

#invite #newmenutasting #ABPWinterHotties Was invited for tasting their new varieties of bread, cakes and dessert. Here’s a glimpse of what we tasted Start-WICH Roasted Vegetables, Eggs & Mozzarella – roasted vegetables, eggs & mozzarella with red pepper pesto on toasted ciabatta.. I liked this one. Its a quick eat and hunger relief Available in veg version as…


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