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Waves – Salty Manna

splash of salty manna striking with force washing away the tears I love how the waves make a splash every time it meets the rocks. The best place to be is to be on the receiving end of that spray   …. Linked to ABC Wednesday (W). For more memes click here

Pyramid Valley for Peace and Solitude

midst the chaos I hear the call of the mystical pyramid Pyramid Valley, located on Kanakapura road in Bangalore, Karnataka is one such place where people come to meditate and to de-stress from their chaotic life. It’s a very pleasant experience being there with no noise and seeing people enjoying the surrounding in silence. The Pyramid…

Whats Life without a dose of laughter and humor?

life without humor like food without salt where has the excitement gone? While viewing fishes in the aquarium I came across this strange fish !! 😀 ……….. My favourite links for some good humour… 1. Jokes in English – Some classics that can leave you in spits 2. Sardar Jokes – One community I really respect and…


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