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Quick Mayonnaise hack-Mayonnaise to Mayo-Nice

Mayonnaise has always been the decadent part of any of the junk eaters meal and has been considered junk themselves. Whether it is burgers, pizzas, fries or even a shawarma, mayonnaise provides that kick and complements a whole lot of food. Now give the good name back to mayonnaise and make it at home, quick…

Fresh food and crazy ideas

#phenomenalworld #plattershare #BellyNirvana #f2f #farm2familiez I was sent samples of Farm to Familiez (F2F) batter varieties as part of the Plattershare #bellynirvana. Usually all this batter is made at home as we don’t trust the ones that is available outside and also consists of very less rice and more of grains and millets.  Here is the…

Bring out the chef in you – Chef’s Basket Cookoff

  Was invited to a cook off event by Sumangala from Chef’s Basket. The event was organized in the state of the art kitchen of Something’s Cooking in Koramangala.   Since we  were a bit early, I another foodie slunk off for a pre event bite at a Bombay sandwich cart. We were in food…

Butter Garlic Crab in Beer Sauce

      Do you love crabs? I do. Too much !! I love beer too (crafted mostly but anything will do) and what happens when you combine both? You get what I call the manna from heaven.Garlic butter fried crab in beer sauce….

Pesto Sauce

I love Pesto sauce. It makes a great combination with Pasta and it can be had pretty much with anything from pizza to bread. Here’s an easy way to make it. You don’t have to drool over the ones made in TV anymore. Here’s a classic recipe by Jamie Oliver Ingredients Basil Leaves (not holy basil.Those…


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