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Chefactory – Biryani and kababs Ahoy

#phenomenalworld #phenomenaltastes #Chefactory ** Click on images for full resolution** Was invited by a friend for a dinner meetup at Chefactory. Since my better half is away, what more better to get your food fix ¬†without having to make anything? It’s a small outlet on the Outer Ring Road. I walked in with a friend…

Roll Calls – Fanoos

For the best rolls in town head here. These rolls are much different from the Kolkata rolls and the wrap used is rumali roti. The beef rolls are the most sought after. The mambo and the jumbo are gigantic rolls so go hungry. Even the shavarma rolls both chicken and beef are awesome. During the…

Hot off the stove

hot off the stove filling the soul comfort food Called just egg rolls in Kolkata, it can be found in any street corner and is one of the best things I have lived on. The more variety of fillings the more complex it can be made. This one I made at home has eggs, mustard…


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