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Waves – Salty Manna

splash of salty manna striking with force washing away the tears I love how the waves make a splash every time it meets the rocks. The best place to be is to be on the receiving end of that spray   …. Linked to ABC Wednesday (W). For more memes click here

Folkdance – Day 346

This was a cultural show we attended in Srilanka that covered their various folk dances. This one is the very famous mask dance. Extremely vibrant and colorful, this dance requires some very skilled moves and balance.. For more entries click ABC Wednesday(Flawlessly Flopping for “F”), Wordless Wednesday 

The Hungry Giant – Day 341

Ok this isn’t my usual skywatch picture..  Err.. it is if this picture is turned counter clockwise which is of a normal scenery of a a rocky platfor. However a 90 degree rotation gives it a sinister turn and much more striking to my mind.. Click for more skywatch…

Door Knocker – Day 332

This is an extremely ancient door knocker in the Dambulla Temple in Sri Lanka… Made of stone with an exquisite  finish, hard to imagine this kind of skill in the present time… For more visit ABC Wednesday (D is for Dreamin & Dancin) & Wordless Wednesday


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