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Trinity Sculpture of Elephanta Caves

 always watching they smile at mans’ antics Taken at Elephanta Caves a ferry ride away from The Gateway of India, Mumbai, the age of this sculpture and its origin is yet to be found according to the guides we met at the caves. This photo represents the Holy Trinity of Hinduism – Brahma (Creator) ,…

Tree Tragedy #atozchallenge

Nourishing the earth The old guardians topple Man, the only threat ABC Wedneday with O  for Outrageous Nature of Man,Wordless Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday Bloggers, Blog She. Part of the #atozchallenge with T. Also linked to Our world Tuesday, . Haiku composed with Syllable Couter

Day 262 – Tragedy

Dont let batteries take over the greens. That would be a Tragedy.  Lets try being a little more green if not completely….Tried a bit of post processing in photoshop by adding an artificial blur Linked to ABC Wednesday (T is for Taking Time), Wordless Wednesday

Day 80 – Temple Spire

The Temple spires denotes an axis of life joining earth to heaven and may also have symbolisms of column, human spine, tree, central towering link between realms. Linked to ABC Wednesday T for Terrific, Wordless Wednesday,


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