Chefactory – Biryani and kababs Ahoy

#phenomenalworld #phenomenaltastes #Chefactory ** Click on images for full resolution** Was invited by a friend for a dinner meetup at Chefactory. Since my better half is away, what more better to get your food fix  without having to make anything? It’s a small outlet on the Outer Ring Road. I walked in with a friend…

Political intrigue is back – House of Cards on Zcafe – Phenomenal World

One of the best series on political intrigue. Frank and Claire stir and stoke terror for their political mileage and to avoid an impending investigation.

Kindle the Reading Habit – All about Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited – Phenomenal World

Why to use a kindle? Is it better than books? Phenomenal World tries to answer the eternal fight between a book and an e-reader and why to use a kindle

Unlock the Grey Cells and Have Fun – The Mystery Room

I was invited for a different kind of experience. It was to try out the fun live gaming experience  at the Mystery Room.  These games are meant to be played as a group. So off we went, the five of us. The Concept The theme of the Mystery Room to escape the room in under…

Feel the heat from the Savji Cuisine – A Kollapuris Experience – Phenomenal World

Went to the Kollapuris Jayanagar branch with my family. I have always been a fan of savji cuisine right from my engg days Huballi. There was this mess called Radhika which made extraordinary mutton chops to be had with rice.  This is to be tasted to be believed.  Absolutely unparalleled!!  Anyway zooming to the present,…