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Day 32 – Celebration of Life

This was during the Dastkar (Hindi word which means Artisans or Craftsman) exhibition in Palace Grounds, Bangalore where the local art works across India was available for display and sale. The first two snaps are the Odissi Dance from Orissa and the second two show the doll dance from Rajasthan…… Had a very enjoyable time…

Day11-Go Green with NV(Natural Vegetables)

I have always been fond of mangoes especially the raw ones for its pungent and tangy flavour. ┬áThis is one of my fav pictures which still makes me drool ­čÖé Big 3 ┬áadvantages of Organic Fruits and Vegetables 1. No Chemicals 2. lesser Environmental damage 3. Health benefits and more juicier and natural to taste…

Day 6 – The posing grasshopper

The Posing Grasshopper I came across this grasshopper in Gurvayur, Kerala perched on my car. The people of Kerala may be simple but the grasshopper sure was not!! It gave me a really striking pose!!

Of wagers, sports and beer – Review of Downtown

Bangalore and downtown is always said in the same breadth and is the symbol of old time Bangalore. One of my favorite places especially during their happy hours of buy one get one free with French fries and other finger foods. Many a cricket match has been watched within its hallowed ground and many a…


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