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Vanity Fair

Vanity fair is an everyday circus Played not only by the rich but common people like us Always comparing, trying to outdo each other We keep getting into one muddle or another Let not your vanity become too cheap since what you sow so shall you reap So what exactly is it we fear There…

Trinity Sculpture of Elephanta Caves

 always watching they smile at mans’ antics Taken at Elephanta Caves a ferry ride away from The Gateway of India, Mumbai, the age of this sculpture and its origin is yet to be found according to the guides we met at the caves. This photo represents the Holy Trinity of Hinduism – Brahma (Creator) ,…


perfect sphere making the night less lonely Today is also considered a new year in Kerala called Vishu. So Happy Vishu visitors and good wishes always…….. Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge for M.  Linked to ABC Wednesday(N) for Night…. Also part of April UBC. For more memes click here Previous Awesome Awards Barrels of Wine…

Designs from the Mind

swirling thoughts designs from the mind inspired by nature This was created using a wisp of smoke from an incense stick and put through a rigorous process in Photoshop.If you like it let me know by liking or commenting 🙂 For more memes click here    

Casting the Net

 hot summer days smell of the sea vision of hunger Taken in a beach in Uthandi near Chennai. On the right hand column there is a link to blog adda. Myblog has been chosen among India’s top ten under photography.Please go to the link and “like” For more memes click here. Linked to ABC Wednesday(C)…


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