Tata Tigor Styleback Experience and test drive with Indiblogger

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Yep it is one more outstanding Indiblogger event and this time it was organized in Delhi/Gurugram. It’s been years since I have been to Delhi and the place was always close to my heart. Be it friends, places or food, Delhi for me has it all.  I was very excited when I got the invite for the Tigor Styleback and test drive event from Indiblogger and I was this close to jumping through the roof. However sanity prevailed and my roof is in one piece

Once I got my ticket details I was all set just waiting for the day to arrive.

Day 1 (18 Mar, 2016)

The Adventure Begins in Namma Uru itself

So my flight is at 9:30 and the distance to the airport from my house it like a trip to another city. So  here I am reaching the bus stop at 6:00 when I realize I have forgotten my DL which is usually in the car dashboard. So a hop skip and jump later I am back to the bus stop in 15 mins. The KIA 8 is a direct bus to the airport from my place and guess what happens. When I am day dreaming or still getting over the sleep hangover, I see one of the buses rushing past without a care in the world. Ah I think, funny how that can happen. I resolve to get more alert by rubbing my eyes as hard as possible and trying to keep it up. There is this never ending line of local buses that are coming meanwhile blocking my view of he buses coming. The clock is ticking and no sign of the second bus. I still remain calm on the surface and that is shattered when I see the second KIA 8 rumbling past without even looking if people are waiting for boarding!!  with nothing else to do I jumped into another local volvo that comes along after 10 mins and tell the driver to “Follow/catch that bus”. Till this bus came there was nothing, absolutely nothing and here I am, dancing and jumping with anxiety.  The driver and conductor thankfully was a good sport and went into this race mode. With no hold barred the driver suddenly got leaden feet that refused to come of the accelerator. It was like the scene from Speed 2 and no I did not feel like Keanu Reeves.  After a thrilling ride, I could see the tail end of my airport bus. The driver goes into this frenzy and increases the speed to an already fast bus, making the people in the bus extremely nervous. By the time they were all curious just what the ^&^%&^ was going on.  After another 5 mins, the driver manages to overtake the airport bus, indicate there was a passenger for it and stop in front of the bus !!   He then refuses to take money, makes sure I get on to the bus keeping an eye on the air port bus driver, lest he makes a break…again !  Anyway after all this drama I manage to reach the airport around 8:45 without any further incident. Since I had already web checked in, it was alright. The flight was an Indigo flight to New Delhi with food included

After a very uneventful flight I reach the Indra Gandhi airport around 13:00 (yeah the flight took off late).  Reaching the gate I am given the tags and material at the Tata desk. There was a car arranged exclusively for me with my name (PhenoMenon) on the placard. It felt nice….. and important. 🙂   Anyway we went directly to the IAQ Art Gallery which was booked for the Tata Event

IAQ Art Gallery

Just a stones throw away from Qutub Minar, it is a brilliant placefor holding any kind of events.  A show was going on involving local talent like B boy dancing, beat boxing . There was also a style back studio for getting a swanky new look. I was given cool shades for that hipster look.

When asked a couple of questions to reveal my personality, I was paired with the perfume called Intellectual !! A lovely aromatic oil based ittar.


After a scrumptious lunch that involved unbelievable food, I went to Qutub Minar.  More on that later.

The curtain raiser for the Tigor  was brilliant with lots of activity, glamour and and style which reflects the Tigor. There was this sandwich dipped in liquid nitrogen that made you look like a snorting dragon.  After the days activities,  I was then checked into the Hyatt Andaz, a three month old property. The size of the place took my breath away with its avant garde decor and exquisite style.

The Hotel

After a brief rest in a beautiful room where I spent considerable time trying to use the wash basin and the coffee maker.  I narrowly missed breaking the tap of the basin in anger and gave up on the coffee machine. Called house keeping and then learn the art of using the coffee maker. The room and view is unbelievable, however the bathroom and loo have no locks, which is good for a couple but awkward for two strangers who have been put together. After an unbreakable vow that we do not enter the bathroom if one of us is there, we continued with the rest. The loo did not have water either. Always a nightmare for Indians right? After taking a nibble of the fine Belgium chocolate that was waiting for me, I quickly got into a party mode to head to their banquet.

About Tata Tigor

It was a lovely evening with Vivek and Prasad talking about the concept and the philosophy of practicability and style behind the Tata Tigor Design.  It was well presented with them handling all the questions thrown at them from the bloggers.

Here are some of the Highlights
  • The Tata Tigor will be available in both Diesel and Petrol versions
  • The Tata Tigor is a compact Sedan measuring 3992mm in length, 1677mm in width and 1537mm in height. An ideal upgrade or a second car option. This will help in competitive pricing by keeping it less than 4m which attracts a cess
  • The TIgor uses a 4 way hinge than the traditional gooseneck hinges. This maximizes the space available in the boot and one can use the entire 419 litres of space provided.
  • Infotanment system by Harman that has 8 impressive speakers, android based navigation with touch screen and steering controls, USB, AUX and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Economy mode for city driving and fuel optimization.
  • Good space usage and well thought design for placement of bottles, adapters. Essentially the car makes you organized. It comes with 24 storage points
  • Good dual tone interiors and unlike the regular tata cars actually looks posh. Way to go !!
  • The petrol is a 1.2 l Revotron engine and Revotorq 1.05 l for diesel. This is the same engine used in the Tiago as well
  • It comes with a height adjuster which traditionally has been confined to premium vehicles or SUV’s. This would help in the view and visibility
  • Automatic climate control. It’s good to see premium features in a regular model
  • The official launch date is set as 29 Mar, 2017
  • 15 Inch alloy wheels for Petrol and 14 Inch for Diesel

We were then split into teams of three with atleast one lady in each team.

The Soiree

It was a memorable night with good music that ranged from the soothing to the frenzy, spirits that flowed liketh water and absolutely brilliant food. I got my favourite Hoegaarden beer and Bombay Sapphire  with Tonic so I was a happy man.

Day 2
Test Drive from Andaz to  Heritage Transport Museum in Tauru.

After a spledid emperoros breakfast, we assembled for the drive where the cars were waiting for us. My driving partners were Jaideep Khanduja and Indrani Ghose.

Since we were all avid drivers we decided to take equal distance turns  for testing the car.  After the photo session and flag-off,  Indrani started first. We got the petrol version and the seating was nice and comfortable.   The initial hiccups trying to understand the navigation was soon mastered. The route was set and we just had toi follow GPS aunty. The car was extremely smooth to sit and enjoy the ride.   I tried both the city and power drive option. The power drive option makes the car become a race horse. Very peppy and lovely handling. I took the car to speeds of 120 – 130 and it was easy handling. Brilliant drive.

Picture Credit  – Indrani Ghose

Picture Credit  – Indrani Ghose

After the pitstop in the Heritage Transport Museum, an absolutely brilliant place that had history of transportation in India with an unbelievable collection of ancient vehicles from the Dassat to Chevrolets of yore. More on that in another post

The drive back was with the diesel version. I did find the gear box slightly difficult to handle and wasn’t as smooth as the petrol version.  The car however was powerful and quickly ate up miles with its speed and performance.

After a scrumptious lunch, the event ended with us being dropped back to the airport.


Style – 4.5/5

Interior 3.5/5

Features 4/5

Driving and handling 4/5


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